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Vol. 5 No. 1 (2024): May
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The Idarotuna : Jurnal of Administrative Science is an interdisciplinary journal aims to prompt discussion, sharing and debate on topical issues of particular interest or concern in the developed and developing world. It deliberates the theoretical and empirical articles that incorporate with the administrative science issues from interrelated disciplinary standpoints. The journal welcomes contributions from scholars from the humanities and social sciences with a research interest in the developed and developing world. The journal is published by the Program Study of Office Administrative, Akademi Komunitas Teknologi Syarifuddin (AKTS). It is accredited "Sinta 5" by Ministry of Research and Technology / National Research and Innovation Agency Republic of Indonesia Number: 230/E/KPT/2022 on December 30, 2022. This dynamic field is focused at the center of such contemporary public policy debates as the future of administrative sience, the business Adminstrative, the changing role of bisnis sector management in the achievement of organisational goals and objectives.

Published: 2024-06-19


  • Upaya Membangun Kinerja Tinggi Anggota Organisasi Melalui Motivasi Kerja

    , Abstract views: 52 , Downloads : 24
  • Meningkatkan Kinerja Organisasi Melalui Komunikasi Efektif

    , Abstract views: 57 , Downloads : 46
  • Motivasi Sebagai Pendorong Produktivitas Kerja

    , Abstract views: 18 , Downloads : 7
  • Strategi Kepala Madrasah untuk Meningkatkan Motivasi Kerja Guru

    , Abstract views: 33 , Downloads : 17
  • Review Policy for Improving Teachers Competency: 5W+1H Analysis and Fishbone Model

    , Abstract views: 42 , Downloads : 21
  • Peran Regulasi dalam Mendorong Inovasi dan Kualitas Pelayanan Publik: Tinjauan pada Sektor Pendidikan

    , Abstract views: 34 , Downloads : 49
  • Strategi Pemerintah Kota Malang dalam Meningkatkan Kualitas Pelayanan Publik: Analisis Kritis dan Prospek Perbaikan

    , Abstract views: 42 , Downloads : 55
  • Analisis Dampak Putusan Mahkamah Konstitusi Terkait Perselisihan Hasil Pemilihan Umum (PHPU) Pilpres 2024 Terhadap Kualitas Demokrasi Indonesia

    , Abstract views: 279 , Downloads : 326
  • Kerangka Bisnis Model Canvas pada Industri Halal dalam Perspektif Maqashid Syariah

    , Abstract views: 27 , Downloads : 15
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Journal Information


Title : Idarotuna : Journal of Administrative Science
Accreditation : Accredited "Sinta 5" by Ministry of Research and Technology / National Research and Innovation Agency Republic of Indonesia Number: 230/E/KPT/2022 on December 30, 2022. 
Frequency : 2 issues per year (May and November)
Number of articles per issue : 6-9 research articles and reviews per issue
DOI : 10.54471/idarotuna
ISSN :  2798-0111(Printed); 2798-0413 (Online)
Editor-in-Chief : Moch Mahsun
Publisher : Program Study Office Adminstrative of Akademi Komunitas Teknologi Syarifuddin Lumajang, Indonesia. 
Telp./Faks. (0334) 887071 e-mail :
Map Coordinate :Lat. -8.078838, Long. 113.244258
Language : English/Indonesia
Citation Analysis : Sinta, Google Scholar, DimensionsGaruda
Subject Area; Category : Integrated Administrative Science.
Discipline :

Public Administration; Business Adminstrative; Corporate Administration; Policy; Social Work; Environment; Organizational Behaviour; Leadership Management; Strategic Management; Human Resource Management

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