About the Journal

Attifana : Journal of Community Engagement is a biannual refereed journal concerned with the practice and processes of community engagement. The first edition was published in Mei 2021 and we published twice a year (Mei and September ). This journal provides a forum for academics, practitioners and community representatives to explore issues and reflect on practices relating to the full range of engaged activity. It is a peer-reviewed online journal dedicated to the publication of high-quality research focused on research, implementation, of policy about community engagement. As the name implies, this journal disseminates the issues of community engagement in International countries regardless of the authors' affiliation. Most of the International countries share similarities as developing countries, yet it has also a high complexity and a uniqueness in terms of people, region, culture, etc. The issue of community engagement is one of the crucial issues, especially on adminstrative Science, health Adminstrative , education Adminstrative , and economy Adminstrative . In addition.

Attifana : Journal of Community Engagement is published by Akademi Komunitas Teknologi Syarifuddin  This journal provides an opportunity to share detailed insights from different understandings and practices associated with community services. It provides an international forum for the cross-disciplinary exchange of insights and ideas regarding community engagement for dissemination. Attifana : Journal of Community Engagement will publish your work to the international society of practitioners and researchers with interest in community engagement from a wide variety of sectors. Community Engagement means community development, community services, community empowerment, community outreach, and action research.

Attifana : Journal of Community Engagement is based on original research related to community engagement program. The kind of research depends on your field or the topic of community engagement (a program that has been done, an experiment, the impact of your program, survey, interview, questionnaire, etc.). The research paper will be based on the analysis and interpretation between theory and community engagement program and you need to explain the problems faced by the local community where the program is conducted.

Attifana : Journal of Community Engagement is an open-access journal and free access (Free Registration). The authors can register online on the website and will not be charged for the registration process. This journal published its First Edition in July 2021.